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Setting Up a Postback with Voluum and CPAlead

With our CPA and CPI advertising options, in order for us to know when you have received a lead or conversion on your offer, you need to setup your postback properly. If your postback isn’t setup properly, then publishers are not rewarded for their traffic and your advertising account with CPAlead could be in jeopardy.

While the setup is slightly different on every 3rd party tracking software and affiliate network, in this example, we’ll show you how to setup your postback with Voluum.

When creating your CPA or CPI campaign, you will see a link to your postback which will look something like this:

CPAlead Postback Example

CPAlead Postback Example

Next, copy and paste your postback URL into your affiliate network or 3rd party tracking platform, such as Voluum. Within Voluum, for example, you need to change {YOUR_TRACKING_PLATFORM_MACROS} to {externalid}. While we (CPAlead) call our click token a “Click ID” other platforms have other names for it. In this example, Voluum calls it an “external ID”. If you are unsure what your tracking platform or affiliate network calls the parameter, just ask them or read their postback documentation.

The end result for the postback URL will look something like this inside your tracking platform: https://cpalead.com/postback/advertiser/7c10fae318e607e46586189f38770bb9?click_id={externalid}

CPAlead Voluum Postback Example

CPAlead Voluum Postback Example

If you have any questions about setting up a postback, please feel free to contact our CPAlead support staff and we’ll be happy to help.

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