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Setting up Shiftcode GPT with CPAlead

Shiftcode is a very popular GPT (Get Paid To) application that incentivizes users to complete surveys for rewards and points.

To get started, first you will need an account on Shiftcode.com.

Once you have your Shiftcode account, log into Shiftcode and go to Affiliate Networks then Add Custom Network.

In the postback area, uncheck Allow From Any, then select the option to restrict to only CPAlead’s postback IP which is

For the rest of the settings, please see the screenshot below.

CPAlead Shiftcode Postback Setup

CPAlead Shiftcode Postback Setup

Next, you will need to place the Postback URL. Place these variables after .php in your postback URL: ?subid={subid}&campid={campaign_id}&virtual_currency={virtual_currency}
Example: http://yourgpt.shiftcode.com/tools/pts/12_c345j6a7dd80v12.php?subid={subid}&campid={campaign_id}&virtual_currency={virtual_currency}

Once finished, you will need to setup your offerwall. Under files/templates within Shiftcode, select Pages, then Add Page, then Page Name.

Select the HTML button as seen in the screenshot below:

Shiftcode HTML button

Shiftcode HTML button

Next log into your CPAlead publisher account, then go to Tools in the left menu, then select Offerwall. Here you will need to create an offerwall to use on Shiftcode. Once you have created your Offerwall, you will be sent to the Manage Offerwall page on CPAlead. From here, you will need to click the Get Code button.

After you click on the Get Code button, you will need to copy and paste the iFrame source code into Shiftcode. Once you have pasted this code into Shiftcode, you will need to add the following parameter to it (seen in Bold).

iframe src=”https://trklvs.com/list/YOURWALLID&subid={~$user.username~}” style=”width:800px; height:690px; border:none;” frameborder=”0″>/iframe

When finished, click on Save.

If you have any questions about how to use CPAlead’s offerwall with Shiftcode, please log into your CPAlead account and submit a support ticket.

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