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API Update for CPA and CPI Offers

The CPAlead API is a feed of all CPA and CPI offers in our system. With the API feed, you can import our offers into your network, display our offers in your mobile app, or display our offers within your custom website or game.

When someone completes a CPA or CPI offer, you can reward your user in-game points or currency with our postback option.

Recently we have updated our API’s device targeting which means you can choose to only display offers available to your visitor’s device.

Here is a quick overview of how our JSON API works.

JSON CPA and CPI Offer Feed Overview

Our JSON CPA and CPI offer feed will display our top converting offers to your visitor or user based on their IP address location and device. Here are a couple of examples of how the API can be used:

If your CPAlead publisher ID was 4 and you wanted to display all of our offers on your website or mobile app, you could use this setup below:


If you wish to target your visitors location and device, you could use this setup:


We offer other targeting options and macro parameters allowing you to only pull the offers you want. Learn more about the CPAlead CPA and CPI API feed.

API Feed Options for CPAlead's CPA and CPI Offers

API Feed Options for CPAlead’s CPA and CPI Offers

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