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  • Space Fighter

    Space Fighter CPE Offer

    Updated Sunday, July 14, 2024 at 5:30 PM CDT

Welcome to Space Fighter, an exciting and thrilling game where you become the hero in a world overrun by zombies! Your mission is simple yet challenging: protect the helicopter from the relentless zombie hordes by skillfully navigating your spaceship. Get ready for an action-packed adventure in the vastness of space!

Key Features:

1. Stunning Graphics: Enjoy immersive visuals that bring the space and zombie apocalypse to life.
2. Smooth Controls: Easily control your spaceship with intuitive up and down scrolling.
3. Challenging Levels: Face increasingly difficult waves of zombies as you progress through the game.
4. Engaging Soundtrack: Experience a thrilling and atmospheric soundtrack that enhances the gameplay experience.

How to Play:

1. Launch the Game: Start Space Fighter and get ready for action.
2. Control Your Spaceship: Use your finger to scroll the screen up and down, guiding your spaceship to avoid and destroy zombies.
3. Protect the Helicopter: Your main objective is to ensure the helicopter remains safe from the zombies. Navigate skillfully to keep it out of harm's way.

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