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Monthly Archives: October 2014

An Affiliate Marketing PPC Strategy can be difficult to formulate At CPAlead, we regularly discuss strategies and methodologies with our most successful Affiliates in an effort to find out what is working and what we can do to facilitate earnings growth for all. Today, we want to share a bit of ppc strategy that often gets

CPAlead’s new CPA Network  has over 7,000 CPA offers and plans on adding another 3,000 within the next few months. Still, we also know that for those of you who work with a CPA network, there are endless verticals and niches where you may want to promote offers. More importantly, finding the right offer and

October 29, 2014

In Affiliate Marketing, finding the best ads is of the highest importance For anyone working in the world of Affiliate marketing, there are a few things that can be regarded as critical steps in the pursuit of success. If you run your affiliate marketing efforts through a CPA network then selecting the best CPA offer is

Learning How To Choose an Affiliate Network can be difficult the most important question that needs to be asked is “What do Affiliate marketing users need?”. We are thinking of those Affiliates who run SEO campaigns, those who run Cost Per Sale Campaigns, PPC campaigns and all of the rest who work in affiliate marketing.

October 19, 2014