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Finding Affiliate Marketing Ads

In Affiliate Marketing, finding the best ads is of the highest importance

For anyone working in the world of Affiliate marketing, there are a few things that can be regarded as critical steps in the pursuit of success. If you run your affiliate marketing efforts through a CPA network then selecting the best CPA offer is one of those critical steps. All too often, those of us working in the affiliate marketing space make the mistake of rushing through the campaign selection process or trusting that a network can “automatically” figure out what CPA offer is best. Now, its true that the automated process may work in some instances such as Content Locking / Incentive based affiliate marketing or branding based ads. However, it has been proven time and time again that having some level of manual selection yields the best results when dealing with PPC campaigns, SEO and other CPA promotional methods.

So how do you get started?

Once you have traffic flowing in, you need to figure out exactly what vertical you are working with. What is a vertical? Think of it as a category or market that you are dealing with. For example, Health & Beauty would be a vertical in the same way that Video games or Sports would also be verticals. The question is, which vertical, which section and which topic does your traffic deal with? Once you know, you can start searching within that vertical. On platforms like CPAlead, this process is simplified since verticals are listed and browsing them requires a single click.

What next?

Next, you want to narrow down as far as possible. For example, you may have established that you have sports traffic coming into a sports based website that you own. That’s great, take it a step further. What sport exactly? Is there a specific sports team that you’re focused on? Even narrowing down the country is important for those who engage in PPC. For example, if you’re going to promote a PPC campaign on U.S.A based traffic for American Football, it will be very different than promoting American Football via PPC within New Zealand since you can expect different conversion rates.

From there, you want to browse offers that are available to you. With CPAlead, you can browse up to 100 different offers at a time where you’re provided with a landing page preview, the payout, promotional methods allowed, conversion methods, country where the offer applies, vertical and more. Knowing all of the details and looking at the offer is critical. Why? Well, imagine trying to promote something if you don’t know what the user will see on their end, how can you possibly align your promotion to the offer in that case? If you don’t know the payout, how can you know what to invest in your traffic?

This is exactly why CPAlead allows you to preview all of this information (landing page preview included) in one easy place. With many affiliate marketing platforms, you need to click on and examine different areas to obtain all of the information you’re looking for and its easy for things to get mixed up. Even one small lost detail can have a dramatic impact on your profitability. Imagine thinking that you’re going to be paid $37.00 per lead when you’re really only being paid $3.70? Its these sort of human errors that can devastate an Affiliate.

To recap

You need to compare several affiliate marketing / CPA  offers (CPAlead has over 7,000)
You need to narrow down your vertical (CPAlead provides suggestions, but you need to give it thought on your own)
You need to examine the landing page (CPAlead does this in an easy to view preview without making you visit each page individually where you might mix them up)
You want to view all of your numbers (CPAlead places them all in the same, easy to view section alongside the landing page preview)

Finally, you want to choose the offers that are of greatest interest to you then run a test on each to see which is the best CPA offer. Monitor them for a few days and narrow down until you’re running with the most efficient CPA offer of the group. Make this a regular practice in all of your affiliate marketing efforts and you’ll be one step ahead of the crowd.

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Peter Tarr

Peter Tarr is an Affiliate Marketing expert with a wealth of relevant business history and educational experienced. Having worked with several performance marketing firms, Peter joined CPAlead at the beginning of 2011 and would eventually go on to become a lead partner in the business. Peter shoots straight and has a writing style that lays the facts out for any interested readers. Never one to shy away from calling a spade a spade, Peter focuses on ensuring that anything he writes delivers value to someone in the audience. With a focus on technological innovation, strategic investments and partnerships, I aim to facilitate an environment that will foster the growth of our various business units while delivering strong value to our company's overall business portfolio.