Get Paid for Installing Android or iOS Apps

We pay our publishers up to $4 for each iOS or Android mobile app install. Our real time bidding marketplace brings the highest performing CPI (cost per install) offers to our publishers along with daily payments. How do you know we're a source network? We pay daily while no other networks can. Our direct relationships with advertisers are what set us apart. On top of that, our marketplace encourages advertisers to fight for your traffic. The better an advertiser's offer performs with your traffic, the more traffic they receive.

Since 2006 we have been building direct relationships with advertisers to secure the top CPA lead generation offers as mobile advertising CPI offers. With over 400 new and direct advertising relationships per week, we are able to provide media buyers, website owners, and mobile app developers the best CPI and CPA offers in web and mobile advertising.

Why CPAlead?

Source Offers

High performing CPI offers that pay daily.

Daily Pay

All members get paid every 24 hours.

Quick Conversions

Install an app and earn immediately.

Helpful Staff

Ask our staff how to increase your earnings.


Virtual currency and non-incentive options.

Our Reputation

We have paid out over $100.000.000.


CPAlead has been in business since 2006.

Burst Campaigns

Access higher performing CPI Offers.

Direct CPA and CPI Offers of all Flavors

Our real time bidding marketplace automatically finds and prioritizes the top performing CPA and CPI offers.

This means our publishers earn more. If there is a better offer in a certain category, you better believe our system will prioritize it and you will earn from it. We reward our best performing advertisers with your traffic while enticing our lower performing advertisers to fight harder for your traffic.

Exclusive Offers

We offer endless high converting offers that are ready for you to promote by simply copying and pasting a link on social media - no editing required!

Our CPA and CPI offers are direct from source advertisers. When you share a link to an offer, you will earn money each time your visitor completes the CPA offer or installs a CPI mobile app. It's so simple, yet so rewarding! We even hosted a party with Chamillionaire where we gave away a Maserati sports car to a lucky CPAlead publisher! It's clear that CPAlead pays and pays well.

Reward Monetization

Our ever evolving offer walls will engage your users.

Not only do we pay our publishers every 24 hours, we also provide industry leading mobile and desktop offer walls that automatically detect your visitor's location and device to display the best performing offers available to them.

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2.000.000 members use CPAlead for CPA Lead Gen Offers, CPI Mobile App Installs, and Website Monetization.