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Smartlink for Mobile Content Offers

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The new CPAlead Superlink is a Smartlink that can be used to display CPA offers, CPI offers, Mobile Content offers, or Mobile Pin Submit offers that meet your criteria when your visitor clicks on the link.

For instance, if you are purchasing targeted traffic from the Netherlands who have Vodafone as a carrier, you would select ‘Netherlands’ as the country and ‘Vodafone’ as the carrier.

When a visitor clicks on this link, they will be shown the highest converting offer at that time that matches your criteria.

Smartlink Example

Example of a Smartlink

With the Smartlink you can also select to only show Android Offers, iOS offer, or CPA offers that match the requirements you set as well.

Any questions about our Smartlink / Superlink? Log into your CPAlead account and please fill out a support ticket with your question.

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