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CPA Network Social Marketing

CPA Network Social Marketing Strategies

Those working within affiliate marketing, particularly those using a CPA Network, who are looking to generate traffic often look to Social Media. Is Social Media a strong traffic driver? Of course it is! Most Affiliates understand that but where they run into problems is in figuring out “how” to drive social media traffic and more importantly, how to optimize their efforts so that each visitor has value. After all, having a lot of traffic that isn’t properly optimized will only lead to frustration and confusion “I have traffic but aren’t making money!”. CPA network marketing doesn’t need to be so difficult.

So where do you start?

First off, you can forget about trying to market to a friends list in hopes that they will visit the URL you suggest and earn you money. The only thing that will do is generate low quality traffic (low quality = low money) and have you lose friends along the way. Instead, you should start a fan page or account that is focused on a specific topic. Think about something that you could blog about, only imagine that your Social Media account is your blog. You’ll want to target a specific vertical with any of your CPA network marketing efforts, whether they’re traditional CPA, ledgen, content locking, ppc or otherwise.

Need an example?

Let’s say that you want to focus on generating revenue from mobile games. You could start a fan page discussing mobile games and include all sorts of great content such as reviews, photos, tips, links to different games etc. Once you establish a following, you could then start including some CPA offers that are focused on mobile games. Your initial efforts will generate credibility for you and build trust with your followers who, in turn, will be more likely to look at the campaign you send them over to. This is where optimization comes into play as well. Having blogged about mobile games then included an ad that’s about mobile games, you will have targeted the right audience and can be sure that each individual who visits the campaign will have a much higher value vs someone who isn’t interested in games.

The same principles apply for any vertical. Let’s say that you’re interested in promoting beauty products. You would want to generate fans that are interested in beauty first, then introduce your CPA network or Content Locking campaigns, which are focused on beauty, to them. The better you target someone based on their interests, the more valuable they will be.

The method described above works perfectly for normal CPA network marketing but what about Content Locking? Are the strategies any different? Yes and no. With Content Locking, the methods described above are still ideal but you do have some flexibility. If you are delivering high quality content to your users and decide that you want to “Content Lock” something special like a PDF Guide, a special video tutorial, a piece of software etc, you don’t necessarily need to match the topic to the CPA campaigns as closely since that user is “incentivized” to complete an offer.

Which is best? That depends on your users, your target and how strong your quality of content is. We suggest experimenting with both and finding multiple channels to drive traffic. There’s no rule saying that you can only build one group of followers within the Social Media world and most successful Affiliates manage multiple pages, lists and accounts that allow them to generate heavy volume for any type of cpa network marketing . If you’re struggling to get started, try the basics we’ve outlined here first.

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