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Tracking SDK for App Advertisers

When you advertise your mobile app with CPAlead, you have the option to bid on a Cost Per Install basis (CPI). In order to track your installs, you will be required to install our Tracking SDK into your application. This process is made very easy with our integration SDK.

Download SDK

Step 1: Add the CPAlead Tracking SDK to Your Project

Add the cpaleadtrackingsdk.jar to your project, this can be be accomplished by copying the file into your "libs" directory. Right click the .jar file and goto "Add As Library" you then select your main app and hit "OK".

Step 2: Edit your apps AndroidManifest.xml File

First, you need to make sure you allow internet permission in your manifest:

In order to track your app installs, insert the following code to your application tag in the manifest:

Step 3: Add Tracking Code

Add import code to import our tracking SDK function.

import com.cpaleadtrackingsdk.CPAleadTrack;

Add this tracking function to your apps MainActivity function or class on startup



Thats it!

Once your app changes are uploaded to Google Play production, you are now ready to promote your app!