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Upload Files, Download Money

Upload Files Download Money

Upload Files Download Money

Which CPA Network / Affiliate Marketing platform let’s you upload files and download money?

CPAlead does! For those of you that don’t already know, CPAlead has more affiliate marketing options than any other CPA network and includes a pay per download solution that generates some outstanding results. Powered by CPAlead, GetFiles.co is a leading pay per download solution that allows affiliates to upload files then generate revenue from anyone wishing to download said file.

The Next Level Of Pay Per Download

GetFiles.co is no ordinary pay per download solution. Typically, users are limited in their options with a pay per download network and must use advertisements that have been passed down from advertiser to CPA Network to PPD network. The problem is that, every time an offer or advertisement gets passed along, a portion of its earnings are taken out as commission. In other words, pay per download affiliates have the earnings stripped off of their offers by multiple networks before they ever get a chance to start promoting them. As a result, there’s less revenue to be generated. With GetFiles.co your ads are untouched and yield maximum value since they are directly delivered to Affiliates through CPAlead. You’re also able to access exclusive offers from the exclusive advertising relationships that CPAlead has been able to cultivate since 2006. As one of the oldest and most respected affiliate marketing platforms in the world, CPAlead’s list of exclusive ads is one of the largest in the world of CPA Networks, so you can rest assured that you’ll see more through our GetFiles.co platform than you will through any other pay per download platform in the world.

Exclusive Features Too!

Advertisements are extremely important and serve as one of the cornerstones to any affiliate marketing platform or CPA network. However, you can’t go very far if you’re not provided with the appropriate tools with which to promote those advertisements. GetFiles.co has multiple exclusive tools which allow you generate bigger revenues from your files. With our custom landing page creation tool, you can (easily) design a landing page that is picture perfect. By matching your landing page to the file that you’re trying to promote, you provide visitors (potential revenue) with a sense of confidence and trust. Those visitors, in turn, are far more likely to initiate a download and generate revenue by interacting with our advertisements. So why use a cookie cutter landing page when you can use one of the most advanced systems in the world?

If you’re an affiliate marketing user who’s interested in trying pay per download, you don’t want to miss out on having better ad offers and you certainly don’t want to miss out on having tools that will help you monetize your files. Why miss out at all? Sign up with CPAlead and start realizing the true value of your files.


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