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BIG Changes @ CPAlead Bring in BIG Earnings!

Dear CPAlead users,

Over the past few days we have made some very big changes to CPAlead in order to better serve our publishers. We want to thank all of you for being patient with us as we’ve made our upgrades over the last few days and apologize for any and all inconveniences. We think your earnings will help make amends for any issues and we truly appreciate your support.

Now that all of the “big” stuff is thankfully out of the way, we’re anxious for you to start seeing the results pour in! Here are just a few of the changes we’ve been working on:

Faster Servers and Better Performance

We’ve been looking forward to this one particular change for a while and as of today, CPAlead is proud to say that we’ve upgraded all of our servers and now are able to deliver blazing fast solutions to each and every publisher using state-of-the-art technology. These server upgrades will ensure that as all of us continue to grow, our earnings will grow in tandem!

Content Locker Changes

We tried to keep it subtle so as not to interrupt or change the user experience and we hope that we did just that. The Content Locker is slowly being rolled out with new aesthetics, full international character support and faster loading times.

Offer Sorting

We’ve been hard at work analyzing and improving our algorithm. When it’s all said and done our new changes should help you pull in an additional 15% in revenue.


Mobile CPA Improvements

We’ve also made changes that are now fully in place which ensure that you capture all of your mobile users. The Content Locker has been optimized for use with mobile and is compatible with all of the latest technologies (Did you know that most content lockers in the market lose out on an estimated 25% of mobile user traffic?)

Offer Selection

Yes! We’re making changes here too. We are increasing the number of verticals we’re focusing on and asking you, our publishers, to let us know exactly what offers you’re looking for. We have more to follow on this front but if you see an offer you want, tell us and we’ll match or BEAT it!


The bread and butter of our labors over the last little while have revolved around sorting and tracking. We’re pleased to say that tracking was in a great place before but we’ve tested, tested and re-tested to ensure that our publishers capture every lead.


There’s a lot more on the way in the next few weeks but none of it will cause any inconveniences. We’re anxious to reach a point where we’ve rolled out all of our changes and everyone is happily enjoying the benefits.

Thank you all so much and happy earnings!

– The CPAlead Team

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Peter Tarr

Peter Tarr is an Affiliate Marketing expert with a wealth of relevant business history and educational experienced. Having worked with several performance marketing firms, Peter joined CPAlead at the beginning of 2011 and would eventually go on to become a lead partner in the business. Peter shoots straight and has a writing style that lays the facts out for any interested readers. Never one to shy away from calling a spade a spade, Peter focuses on ensuring that anything he writes delivers value to someone in the audience. With a focus on technological innovation, strategic investments and partnerships, I aim to facilitate an environment that will foster the growth of our various business units while delivering strong value to our company's overall business portfolio.