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Tutorial: Add Banner Ads to Your Website

Banner ads are a great way to earn passive revenue from your website, WordPress site, or blog. Banner ads provided by CPAlead come in over 15 different unique sizes and allow for complete customization of their size, color, and layout using CPAlead’s built in HTML and CSS editor.

When a visitor sees your banner ad, it will display the top ads available to your visitor’s country and device. When your visitor clicks on an ad, you will earn revenue based on the value of the click. On average, you will earn around 3 to 10 cents a click.

To create a banner ad, please follow these steps:

1. Sign In

Visit https://www.cpalead.com and click the login button in the upper right corner. If you don’t have a CPAlead account, click on the Sign Up button.

2. Navigate to Banner Ad

Once signed in, on the CPAlead publisher dashboard, click on the Tools menu on the left then select ‘Banner Ad’.

3. Select your Banner Size

Here you will see 15 different sizes to choose from. Simply select the size you want for your website. If you are using WordPress, then select ‘Get WordPress Plugin’.

4. Get Placement Code

After selecting the banner size you want, click ‘Get Banner Code’. Copy this code and then paste this code on your website or blog where you want your banner ad to appear. If you want to use a different design for your banner ad, please proceed to step 5.

5. Edit Your Banner (Optional)

If you want your banner to match your site perfectly, select ‘Edit Banner’. Here you will see the option to edit the CSS and HTML of your banner ad. Using CSS and HTML, you can customize the entire look and layout of your banner. For instance, you can change the size of the banner, change the font (size, color, type) of the description and/or title, and even make the ad image a different size. You have complete control over the layout of your banner.

Extra Tips

You can place as many banners on a page as you want.

Ads only appear inside the banner if there are ads available to your visitor’s country and device. If you don’t see any ads within your banners, chances are you live in a country that we currently don’t have any ads for. Don’t worry, we will still display ads to your visitor’s.

Don’t click on your own ads. It’s very easy for us to detect click fraud and you will be banned for such activity.

If you want a more aggressive way to get clicks from your visitors, check out our interstitial and pop under ads.

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