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Content Locking Tools New Age

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The new age of Content Locking is very different from affiliates first saw in 2009 when CPAlead developed the original Content Locker. If you were one of the first adopters or if you continue to use the classic content locking “widget” then you are likely familiar with the tool that we’re referring to here. Today, we are going to move through a timeline that observes the evolution of the content locker from inception straight through to the new age of content locking in 2016.

Top 5 Content Locking Tools

In order to better provide you guide you through the evolution of content locking, we’ve put together a list that of the top 5 Content Locking tools available on the market, starting with the classics and moving through to the newest and best content locker available.


The very first content locking tool was developed by CPAlead and provided affiliates with an overlay which presented ads to website visitors. In order to continue to the content locked portion of the page, the user would first need to complete a survey – which remains the general concept behind content locking today. The first content locker, the Classic Content Locker, provided some very basic options. Affiliates could make some simple adjustments to their widget such as the content locker color, background, font and placement of text. Otherwise, options were generally limited. This tool worked well for affiliates who owned a website that contained premium content which visitors would want to access.

The Classic Content Locker


Today, the classic content locker has been modernized by CPAlead. The basic premise remains the same wherein content is locked and visitors are required to successfully interact with an ad campaign but CPAlead has added a plethora of new options that make the tool more powerful, responsive and intuitive. Affiliates can now customize every option from the font to various colors, custom CSS options, dimensions (so as to fit a page optimally) and much more. Although the classic content locker remains an overlay, it no longer appears to be a foreign element simply laying atop of a webpage. Rather, the countless customization options provided, in a user friendly affiliate dashboard, allow the classic content locking widget to blend in seamlessly with a website which thereby improves the visiting user’s experience and increases an affiliate’s earning power.

The Modern Content Locker


Having created a comprehensive content locking solution for webmasters, CPAlead set out to develop a tool that could be used in conjunction with either links or a file. The File Locker and Link Locker tools were born soon after. Unlike any other content locking tool on the market, CPAlead provided an interface for affiliates so that every last detail of the File Locker and Link Locker tools could be customized. This interface includes both an easy creation mode and the ability to input easy HTML code which comes along with guidance and instructions so that even beginners can customize their File Locker or Link Locking tools to a great extent. The result is a content locking tool that allows users to monetize files and links while customizing their landing page to look, feel and behave exactly how they want it to without any concessions whatsoever. Today, the file locker and link locker tool are among the most popular features used by Content Locking affiliates in the industry.

The File & Link Locker


CPAlead was also the first to pair a fully mobile optimized solution with content locking. The result is the mobile content locker. The concept behind content locking applies to mobile content in the same way that it does desktop. However, the difference is that the mobile content locker is fully optimized for iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, the mobile content locker typically presents visitors with the ability to install apps as a way of proceeding past the locker. Much like the other content locking tools that have been developed by CPAlead, the mobile content locking tool can be customized to match the look and feel desired.

The Mobile Content Locker


The niche content lockers by CPAlead are one of the most exciting developments the industry has seen in a long time. This entire article could be spent discussing the power of a niche content locking tool or how niche content lockers benefit affiliates and are one of the best ways to make money in the CPA industry. However, we’re keeping it to one point so a short summary will have to suffice. A niche content locker is a powerful turnkey solution for affiliates. When an affiliate activates a niche content locker, they are immediately in possession of every digital component they need to generate CPA or CPI leads and ultimately revenue. A high quality landing page along with matching content is provided to the affiliate and they need only promote and drive traffic to that page. Once they do, everything else is in place for them to make money. Moreover, niches provide a rich world of opportunity to both regular affiliates and niche content locker creators. As a creator, you are tasked with designing an attractive landing page then pairing it with appropriate content. If your niche content locker is attractive, countless affiliates will activate it on their account and begin using it. When this happens, you receive a 15% of the revenue each affiliate generates with your niche. Unlike any other content locking tool or product before, the niche content locker is a turnkey, 360 degree solution that provides visitors with an extremely high quality value proposal.

The Niche Content Lockers

Whether you choose #2 or #5 from out list, what’s important is that, in the new age of content locking, you now have the ability to choose a content locker that works for your web property and/or content.

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