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Top 5 Reasons CPAlead Does Incentive Better

CPAlead Is The Best

In creating our top 5 reasons why ContentLocking.com by CPAlead is the best CPA network ever when it comes to monetizing incentive traffic, we wanted to stick to the FACTS. Here are a list of facts that show you why you will make more money on your incentive, file locking, content locking, link locking, dowload locking, virtual currency and all other incentive traffic when using ContentLocking.com by CPAlead over any other network out there.

1) Fact: ContentLocking.com by CPAlead has up to 5,000 offers, the 2nd closest competitor has 1,700 offers

2) Fact: ContentLocking.com by CPAlead has higher payouts. Compared to every other incent network – we pay out MORE for each offer and EARN you more.

3) Fact: You generate higher earnings on ContentLocking.com by CPAlead. We don’t scrub at all – EVER. Ever. No inflated payouts, no scrubbing or shaving. So our higher payouts turn into higher earnings. Have you ever been on a network where you see a higher payout but make less money? That happens with networks that scrub and shave their earnings. We have higher payouts and no scrubbing or shaving of any kind.

4) Fact: More tools. We have more than TWICE as many tools as any other incent network. Actually, take all those networks and combine their tools, we have more tools. With our different tools, you can build better landing pages, get users to share your landing page or link and find all kinds of way to make more money!

5) Fact: We’re The ONLY network with a rewards program, so you get bonuses on your earnings up to 12%, we send t-shirts, trophies and other rewards to your door. Doesn’t matter where you live.

Is there anything else you can think of that matters when it comes to a network? We haven’t missed a payment in nearly 10 years of business. We have all the payment methods available from paypal to payoneer, ACH, check and wire. Our customer service team is among the best in the industry and we’re always finding new ways to make you money or reward you; things like affiliate contests, parties and more are always there to make being with us an even better experience!

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CPAlead is a private lead generation network specializing in CPA offers, PPC advertising, and CPI mobile app installs. Since 2007, CPAlead.com has paid out over $100,000,000 to publishers from all over the world. With advanced custom tracking and evolved traffic quality measures, we're able to provide unrivaled lead generation offers, PPC advertising traffic, and CPI mobile app installs to advertisers and publishers alike.