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Ten Reasons To Attend Affiliate Summit West

Ten Reasons To Attend Affiliate Summit West that might just convince you to make a great decision.

Understanding the advantages and benefits associated with attending an Affiliate Summit West show could make all the difference in your decision making process. While it is true that businesses tend to make up the majority of exhibitions, like ASW Affiliate Summit West, that is even more reason why affiliates themselves should try to attend. With that said, here is our list of ten reasons to attend Affiliate Summit West‎, regardless of whether you’re an affiliate, a network or anyone else.

1. Targeting

There are a lot of tech shows out there and they all tend to cover a very wide focus. Going to a “tech show” isn’t the same as going to an internet marketing show. Affiliate Summit is laser focused on Affiliate marketing, a sub category of internet marketing and that makes it one of our top ten reasons to attend Affiliate Summit West.

2. Less is More

if you’re an Affiliate you’ll be the center of attention. Yes, there are far more networks and businesses in attendance than there are Affiliates. That alone is a top reason to attend Affiliate Summit since you’ll be the center of attention to everyone you speak with.

3. Seeing is Believing

The Affiliate space has a lot of nameless, faceless and deceptive people lurking about. Each year a handful of networks go bankrupt and swallow the earnings of their Affiliates who never saw it coming. One thing those networks often have in common is that they made up fake identities. Sure you’ve seen an online photo and a bio but have you ever met the person? At Affiliate Summit you can put eyes on the people you’re trusting your fortunes to.

4. Learn More

There’s only so much you can learn from reading up online or going to someone’s website. Whether you’re in a speaking session or having a conversation with someone live, you’re going to have a great opportunity to learn more about whatever it is you’re discussing. Live conversations are fluid, rapidly evolving and often spark new ideas that can be exchanged between two individuals. Plus, you never know who might join into your conversation. When we’re online in a chat, we are chatting with one person. When we’re live, people listen, chime in, add ideas, discuss experiences etc

5. Discover

In the same way that you can only read so much, you can only find so much online as well. Sometimes you don’t get the full story or fully understand what a business has to offer. Forums can be biased, review sites are often “sponsored” by the companies who receive favorable reviews. When you meet with someone or give someone the opportunity to fully explain what they do, you have a clear, unfiltered message delivered to you straight from that company. You would also be surprised at what you can negotiate in person vs online.

6. Promote

Whether you’re promoting yourself or your business, Affiliate Summit sets the stage for you. Having a hard time connecting with someone via e-mail? Unable to get the attention of a higher ranking member of staff? At Affiliate Summit its common to see CEO’s, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors and all sorts of other members of upper management. Plus, you, in person, can’t get lost in a SPAM filter unlike your e-mail can. CPAlead will have multiple members of staff, CEO Peter Tarr included, on hand looking to meet Affiliates and advertising partners alike!

7. Cheap

Everything you do costs money in the world of internet marketing. Every campaign you purchase, every website you build, every opportunity lost due to improper strategy. Affiliate Summit is cheap. The tickets will cost you some money but in the worst case scenario, you needn’t even buy a ticket to get on the floor. Walk around at the show, in the hotel, in the lobby. Its not hard to find people since everyone has a name tag on that includes who they are representing (if anyone).

8. Fun In Vegas

It’s Winter. Its slightly after New Year’s and there isn’t a lot to do otherwise. This year at Affiliate Summit, CPAlead is teaming with Affiliate Ball to present the biggest and best party yet. Grammy award winner and international superstar Sean Paul be performing live and all the stops are being pulled out to make it a night you won’t forget. Why not visit Las Vegas and enjoy some warmer weather while improving your chances of being successful in internet marketing. You’re not just attending Affiliate Summit West, you’re taking a small vacation.

9. Promos

Not to be confused with promoting yourself, promos are common at Affiliate Summit. A large number of companies in attendance will be having show specific promotions which range from months of free service, to bonus earnings, right down to prizes. CPAlead, for example, are presenting Affiliate Ball featuring Sean Paul and will be giving away a trip to Miami! Everyone loves promos and the abundance thereof is a top ten reason to attend Affiliate Summit West.

10. No Regrets

Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive industry. Whether you’re in business for yourself or working for a different company, you’re guaranteed to regret missing an opportunity this year. Think back at 2014, did you miss any opportunities that you wish you had seized? I can’t think of a single person who can say no to that. Affiliate Summit is an opportunity treasure trove for this industry. It’s better to attend, explore opportunities and seize those which make sense then to lose time throughout the year regretting what you missed.

To learn more about attending Affiliate Summit West or to make accommodations, please visit Affiliate Summit For those of you interested in meeting with CPAlead or attending the Affiliate Ball, hosted by CPAlead, featuring Sean Paul live. Please contact us! Finally, for those of you who are still unsure, take another read through our ten reasons to attend Affiliate Summit West starting at point one.

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