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Students Love Affiliate Marketing

Students Earning With Affiliate Marketing

Students Earn With Affiliate Marketing

College Students love affiliate marketing?

Students are generating hundreds of millions in the online world of affiliate marketing. How are they doing it? Much more easily than you think! How can that be? Shouldn’t a college student be worried about paying tuition and getting good grades? Yes, they should be focused on both and given their high level of success in the world of affiliate marketing, it seems that they’re doing a great job of generating revenue to cover tuition and then some. In fact, the age demographic that generates the greatest amount of revenue among affiliates is 18-34 years of age. The majority of college students are between the ages of 18-26. In terms of numbers, its estimated that over 89% of traffic volume to CPA networks comes from the 18-34 year old age demographic and slightly under half of that comes from individuals who are, or have been, enrolled in college!

What can their success in affiliate marketing teach us?

Before understanding what we can gleam from this information, we need to understand what this age demographic’s strengths are and how they apply to affiliate marketing. The average college aged affiliate marketer has a very strong sense for what is trending. In fact, you could simply say that college students are enthralled with things that are trending. Whether they’re reading the latest tweet, listening to trending music, watching television programs or spending hours on Trending.com looking at “all things trending” – this age demographic keeps a close eye on what is in trend. How does that relate to Affiliate Marketing? When you’re able to understand what the public views as trending, you are able to craft out marketing and promotional strategies which help capture the public’s attention. For example, knowing that two very popular celebrities are feuding may prompt an affiliate to build out a domain following said feud. With the right knowledge, that affiliate would have the advantage of being an early mover and that would lend well to their ability to rank on search engines which would ultimately help them drive traffic. Given the high affinity that this age demographic has with social media, its highly likely that they would also be driving traffic from social platforms as well. Whether its music, celebrities, fashion, technology or otherwise – its important to know what is trending and what is not (I guess it may be time we all started visiting sites like trending.com)

The lesson here is to stay current. Your ability to understand the interests of web surfers allows you to develop promotions and strategies that will capture their attention. Far too often, we as affiliate marketers, tend to narrow in on way method and close our minds out to fresh new ideas. While some are listening to the radio, a trending affiliate might be TheGrind.com checking out trending hip hop or soundcloud where they’re listening to new music. While we’re browsing online stores, trending affiliates are looking at the latest pins on a trending platform. Since trending is synonymous with the terms “new, fresh and current” its important to stay on trend and understand what web surfers are looking for. The sooner you move, the better your position.

Students promoting student loans?

The younger, college aged, demographic doesn’t only follow trends – they leverage their knowledge to capture traffic from their peers. Let’s take another real life example. In recent months, the student loan category within LeadGen has been a lucrative niche. Which group is leading the way in lead generation for student loans? Students of course! Many students are the owners of information based web sites which help others navigate through finding loans and paying their tuition. These web properties, in turn, are trusted sources which drive high quality traffic and convert extremely well for student loans ad campaigns.

The lesson here is simple, find a topic that you’re an authority on and you will be able to build trust with users. Following trends can be very helpful but when we’re out of our element, success is elusive. Remember, content is king so find something that you understand well and that the public wants to learn more about. Generate quality content and you’ll do very well. Simple right? You may be wondering “But what if I don’t know much about any of the trending topics”. This is where you need to do your homework, being knowledgeable or becoming an authority on a topic doesn’t require you to have a degree on the subject matter. You simply need to know more than the general public. If you know more about something than someone else does, your information is useful and can teach them. In that vein, you simply need to provide information that would be helpful to the average Joe. Do that and you’ll begin seeing results in affiliate marketing.



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