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PPC PPV Money Making Guide Basics

Are you trying to make money through PPC traffic or PPV traffic? Are you uncertain what to advertise or how you can gain an edge? This guide provides some basic information on how you can do that.

Better CPA Offers

The basics of the CPAlead PPC system or any PPV traffic system are that you need to look at the current cost per click average (note: the bid number is not the average. The average cost is always lower than the published bid rate) and figure out if you have a CPA offer that can get a better EPC. If your offer can generate better results than the average cost per click, then you’re going to pay less than you earn and that’s how you make money.

Don’t Use Incentive Offers!

While some people are able to make money using incentive offers, we recommend finding different sources. Since CPAlead’s PPC system is distributed through channels like ad walls, interstitials ads and banners, you don’t need to stick to incentive offers. Too many affiliates try to grab offers from the same old CPA incentive networks and in doing so miss out on some big opportunities. Here’s a tip: Most incentive networks use the exact same incentive offers with very little difference between them. CPAlead has the most incentive offers and higher payouts on the majority but the rest of the industry generally draws from the same advertisers. You want to expand your horizons and find different ad networks from which to pull offers.

We’ve seen a lot of good results with iOS and Android offers of all types when it comes to mobile. When looking at desktop, surveys have done well and we also see a lot of great download offers performing well along with short form submissions. LeadGen can be a bit more difficult as it always is and it really depends on your audience so if you’re taking that route, we suggest you work with something that has a high general appeal and requires 1-2 pages of information.
Don't Do This

Where To Get Offers

While we can’t recommend any one specific network, we do recommend going to networks that have unique offers or exclusive payouts. The more commonplace an offer is, the more likely its been re-brokered. You should also ask around! There are a good number of media buyers currently making a lot of money from CPAlead’s PPC system and these individuals consistently run campaigns that we do not see from others.

If you have other PPC or PPV money making tips, feel free to share them with others or consider writing your own guide!

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