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Need e-mail Submit Offers?

If you’re an affiliate who’s ever worked with a CPA network then you’re probably familiar with e-mail submit offers. If you aren’t, you would be well advised to learn about them. E-mail submit offers and short form submission offers require that your visitors complete a form and submit their information. Often times they will be asked for basic information such as their home address, phone number and e-mail address. Other times they will be required to answer a few additional questions which pertain to the specific offer (finance, auto insurance or otherwise).

At CPAlead, we have a rich inventory of high quality e-mail submits and short form offers which are SOI. SOI stands for “single opt in” and means that the user need only opt in once for a conversion to take place.

A high quality e-mail submit offer can pay very well. In fact, here are three offers which are currently live in the CPAlead system which pay up to $5.00+ for some basic information. Many affiliates are already taking advantage of these particular offers and generating a great return.

Want to learn more about any one of these offers? Simply click on the image for details or visit CPAlead.com/offers

$5.23 payout per submission

$2.38 payout per submission

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