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Mobile CPI Options

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Mobile CPI Options

By now, we know that mobile CPI offers (aka mobile apps) are very lucrative and can help you make a lot of money. But we also know that everyone has different taste and interests, so how do we plan out a mobile CPI strategy that will take our earnings up to the next level?

As of 2016, there are over 3.1 million apps available between Google Play (Android) and Apple’s App Store (iOS). That tells us quite a bit about the diversity of the marketplace. We also know, from previous articles, that the average smartphone user will install over 27 apps per year. Here comes the problem though. Most CPA networks only offer a small handful of apps per country and even then its hit or miss.

At CPAlead, we recognize the importance of having a very diverse inventory of apps and we’ve taken a different strategy. In order to ensure that affiliates make the most money possible from their mobile traffic, we first bring in a very large inventory. Then, we test and curate that inventory to ensure that only the best of the best remain for our affiliates to work with. In fact, CPAlead sees thousands of different mobile apps run through our system each week. Our system then monitors these apps to select only those which are successfully generating a strong ROI and removes the rest. Let’s tie that back to the stats we have. We know that there are a lot of apps to choose from, so we offer thousands per week. Then, we know that people are selective and load 27 apps per year, so we limit the number of apps that we use and only run with those which are successful. Now how does that compare to the average CPA network? Well, the average CPA network gives you a handful of apps. Whatever they happen to have is what you’ll have to work with. If that doesn’t work out for you then tough luck. Not so at CPAlead.

If you’re looking for a large selection of curated apps to help boost your earnings, then there’s only one network for you and that’s CPAlead.

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