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By now, its likely that we’ve all heard about how mobile ads are leading the way as far as generating revenue goes. Facebook’s most recent quarterly statement noted that 69% of their overall revenue came from mobile ads while Google has consistently maintained that mobile revenue is critical to their company’s overall welfare. Given that Google and Facebook are the two largest online platforms in the world, that says quite a bit. However, as internet marketers, we want to know how to get a piece of the pie for ourselves. Rather, how should we monetize the mobile traffic that we have?

Answering this question is where things become rather interesting and as you read on, you may be surprised. Essentially, there are two types of ad units in the world of mobile. There are display ads, where revenue is generated an RPM basis (Revenue Per Mille) – which means you get paid a set amount of money for every 1,000 impressions of an ad you display. Then there are CPI ads (Cost Per Install) which are the CPA ad units of the mobile world and payout each time a user installs an application. What may surprise you is that CPI ads grossly outperform display ads. For those of you who work in CPA marketing, this may not be so surprising since it has been established that CPA marketing yields RPM rates that exponentially outperform standard display – the same principles apply in the mobile space.

If That’s The Case, Why Doesn’t Facebook Use CPI ads?

Well, Facebook does use CPI ads. Anytime you see an ad that invites you to try out an app, its a CPI ad. However, Facebook doesn’t have the luxury of narrowing their focus in on the, far more lucrative, CPI model since they would then have to slight many of their large advertising partners who are not looking for an install and simply need branding exposure. Slighting major fortune 500 companies with enormous advertising budgets tends to be a bad idea and Facebook isn’t keen on making poor business decisions, so they tend to use both display and mobile CPI ads instead.

How Does An Internet Marketer or Affiliate Cash In On Mobile CPI?

This is where the fun starts. While Facebook is limited by their size and volume, the rest of us are not. Fortunately, we can leverage mobile CPI, exclusively, to monetize all of our mobile traffic. At ContentLocking.com we’ve spent the last year focusing on our mobile division and we have built tools that are, singularly, focused on allowing you to generate revenue from mobile CPI ads. A perfect example would be our mobile content locker. The mobile content locker leverages ContentLocking.com’s advanced tracking platform to detect any and all mobile device and their accompanying operating system. Those users are then presented with a selection of, free to install, apps to try and cannot proceed forward until they do. You, the affiliate / internet marketer, are not only able to customize every visual detail of the mobile content locker, you’re also able to set the amount of mobile CPI apps that your visitors must install in order to proceed. This means that you can guarantee yourself multiple conversions.

How Does This Impact The User Experience and Quality of Leads?

Given that the apps are free to install and that doing so only takes a few moments, the user experience and quality of leads tends to be extremely high. You see, the major issue with lead quality tends to be that users do not engage an ad properly. A user who is faced with a 15 page survey that requires them to submit their e-mail address has a high chance of becoming impatient and entering in bad information. When this happens, lead quality suffers. Conversely, the user experience is harmed by the fact that unlocking content requires such an investment of time. When using a mobile content locker, neither of these items are a problem.

What Data Do We Have to Support Our Case here?

Asides from the phenomenal earnings that mobile content locking users are seeing these days, we also have some general statistics that tell us how receptive the average person is to a mobile CPI ad. Reports show that there were approximately 41 Billion mobile app installs in 2014! That means mobile users went through the mobile CPI ad process 41 Billion times! Given that there are approximately 1.5 billion smartphone users in the world, that means that the average person installs over 27 app installs each year, on their own, without any particular reason or incentive. So, when the average person encounters a mobile content locker and they actually have an incentive to install a few apps, you can understand how mobile content locking with mobile CPI ads is so very lucrative. (see image below)

If you’re interested in leveraging our mobile content locker and suite of tools that are specifically focused on generating revenue from mobile CPI ads. Visit us at ContentLocking.com where registration is free and approval is fast.

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