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How to Create an Affiliate Product Niche on CPAlead.com

What is an affiliate product Niche?

Affiliate product Niches are landing pages that ask social media or website visitors to interact with a survey or install a mobile app in order to obtain the content promised on the Niche. For instance, if a Niche is for tips on “How to Get More Power in Mobile Strike Guide”, then a user will be required to complete a survey or install a mobile app in order to access the free Mobile Strike Guide. CPAlead publishers who promote affiliate product niches on social networks or websites earn around $1 per each completed survey or mobile app installed by visitors to their Niche landing pages.

Why create an affiliate product niche on CPAlead?

Niche creators earn a 15% commission on every lead generated by every CPAlead publisher who is promoting their Niche. Some niches have over 1,000 CPAlead publishers promoting them. Listing a niche in CPAlead.com’s affiliate market place is free, and in most cases, takes less than 10 minutes to setup.

How do I create an affiliate product Niche on CPAlead?

To get started, log into your CPAlead account. Once you are logged in, click on ‘Lockers’ in the left navigation and then click on ‘Create‘. On the next page, select ‘Create File/Link Locker‘.

Tab 1: Template Gallery

The next step is deciding on the template you would like to edit for your Niche. 95% of the templates available on CPAlead are free for Niche creators to use and to list in the Niche marketplace after they have edited them. Once you have found the template you want to edit, click on ‘Activate‘.

Tab 2: General Settings

After you have selected your template, you will need to decide whether this Niche is going to lock a Link or a File. Once you have decided, you will need to name your locker for your own reference. The name of the locker is only available to you and to the publishers who promote your niche. The visitors to the Niche will not see the name of your affiliate product niche.

You will then want to enter a Page Title for your niche and a Description. This information will be displayed in the browser as the page title and the description will appear on search engines as your description. Make sure your Page Title and Description describes your niche well and that the keyword in the title is also mentioned at least once in the description. Keep in mind that every publisher who promotes your niche will adopt these settings, so make sure they are correct so CPAlead publishers who are promoting your niche will receive more and more organic traffic as their promotions age, which means more commissions for you! In the “Access URL Field” you will need to insert the URL to the content promised in your Niche, so if you’re promising a guide, you should provide the URL to your guide in this field. Ultimately publishers who are promoting your Niche are responsible for the content provided within the Niche as they have the ability to change the Access URL to content they may feel is more relevant. Most Niche creators insert a URL to a YouTube tutorial for their content. For instance, if you are promising to provide Tips for Mobile Strike, your content could be a URL to a YouTube video that discusses tips for Mobile Strike.

The next option is ‘Display offers AFTER the download/access button is clicked‘. If this box is checked, which it normally is for 98% of templates, then the offers will appear after a visitor clicks on the Call To Action button on the locker landing page (such as download or access). If you uncheck this box, then instead of a Call to Action button your template, the offers will appear embeded directly on the template itself. Make sure your template supports this option if you wish to use it.

The next two options on this page are optional, but we recommend you use them. Social Media Appearance will allow you to set exactly how your link will be displayed when a CPAlead publisher shares it on a social network. The more appealing it looks, the more clicks the CPAlead Publisher will receive, which means more leads for them and more commission earnings for you. For META Tags for SEO we recommend leaving the title blank here as our system will use the title you provided above, but we do recommend setting the META Keywords. In the META Keywords you should provide at least 5 keywords that pertain to your affiliate product niche and separate them by commas, such as ‘Justin Timberlake, Justin Timberlake Mirrors, Justin Timberlake New Song, Justin Timberlake Mirrors Download’. Again, please keep in mind that ALL publishers who promote your niche will adopt these EXACT same settings. So if there are 600 CPAlead publishers promoting your niche, you want to make sure that Niche is as optimized as possible for search engines and social networks.

Tab 3: Style Wizard

This option cannot be used for Niches and your niche will NOT be approved if you use this option. Please skip this tab.

Tab 4: HTML & CSS

This is where you will be able to customize the content, layout, and style of your affiliate product niche template. If you would like to use your own template, simply replace the HTML and CSS code with the code from your own template. Every locker/niche is required to have the following CPAlead tags included, if they’re not included, you wont be allowed to save:


This code will place a green default Call To Action button in your lander. This button cannot be customized.

OR- you can use…


If you wish to NOT use the default CPAlead Access Button, then you can use an image for your Call To Action button instead. Your code should look something like this:

<a href=”<%access_url>”><img src=”www.yourimageurlhere”></a>


This tag will place the copyright notice, DMCA notice, and other links in your footer. This tag is REQUIRED for ALL lockers and affiliate product niches.

Saving and Previewing Your Template

In order to preview the HTML and CSS changes you have made to your template, you will need to SAVE it first. When your landing page is ready, click SAVE one last time, then select ‘List as Niche’.

Our system will automatically take a snapshot image of your Niche to use in the marketplace. We only need you to provide a title and description of your niche. Please keep in mind that only CPAlead publishers will see this description and it’s your job to convince CPAlead publishers to promote your affiliate product Niche. Your commissions will be reported under ‘Account‘, ‘My Referrals‘. On the My Referrals page, your affiliate product Niche commissions will be displayed at the very top of this page.

Tab 5: Mobile Settings (Optional)

If you are using a mobile responsive template, you will want to enable Show Mobile App Wall AFTER Access Button Click. This means the mobile wall (which only appears to mobile users and asks them to install an app) will only appear after the visitor has clicked on the Call To Action button. Keep in mind that your mobile settings will also be used by all publishers who promote your template.

Affiliate Product Niche Bonus Tips:

Tip 1: If you’re trying to use your own custom template and you’re stuck, we recommend activating other CPAlead templates and viewing their HTML and CSS code to get ideas. Within every template you’ll see exactly how the <%access_url%> and <%footer_tags%> are used. You can also see how certain templates are animated, how the sliders work, and more.

Tip 2: If you edit your locker that is listed as Niche, your changes will only be adopted by NEW PROMOTERS of your niche. CPAlead publishers who are promoting your old version will continue to use your old version.

Tip 3: Pay attention to what’s trending on Social Media to get ideas for Niches. Most of the time it’s not about having a GREAT template, it’s about having a GOOD template and a GREAT IDEA.

Tip 4: Take note of which Niches are doing well in the CPAlead affiliate marketplace.

Tip 5: Make it easy for your yourself! You don’t need to create this great elaborate template, most of our Niche creators have success by simply adopting one of our pre-made templates and editing two lines of HTML code. For instance for the Music templates, you’ll only need to change the name of the artist and the album, that’s it! The MAIN objective is to make sure there is a LARGE demand for the content your affiliate product Niche is offering.

Template Resources for Advanced CPAlead Affiliate Product Niche Creators

Here are some resources baked into every CPAlead template to use for your convenience:

Animate.css – https://daneden.github.io/animate.css/

This option will allow you to easily animate text, images, and anything else on your landing page.

Font Awesome – http://fontawesome.io/icons/

The stylesheets for Font Awesome are included in every CPAlead landing page. This option allows you to easily integrate icons into your landing pages.

countUP.js – https://inorganik.github.io/countUp.js/

This javascript file is included in every CPAlead template and allows you to simulate live animated stats such as views, downloads, and more.

NoUISlider – http://refreshless.com/nouislider/slider-options/

This slider will simulate the type of in-game reward a user could receive if they complete a survey or download an app.

Google Fonts – https://www.google.com/fonts

Google offers hundreds of fonts to use for free. Once you find the font you want, include the @import placement code in your CSS.

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