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Hot Offers For February 2015

revitol cpa offer

revitol cpa offer

The Health & Beauty Vertical is HOT

Achieving success in affiliate marketing requires that you constantly monitor the space to find out which offers and verticals are generating the best results. As such, affiliates are constantly looking for the hottest offers and latest trends in online marketing. Knowing which verticals are performing the best provides you with the guidance that you need when planning out future promotional methods. Each month, CPAlead will bring you a shortlist of verticals (also known as categories) that are performing particularly well in the world of affiliate marketing.

For February 2015, our hottest vertical is Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty offers are extremely attractive to most affiliates since the payouts per lead tend to be higher than most CPA offers. Recently, CPAlead has added over 250 different Health & Beauty offers which allow affiliates to target traffic from around the globe. Our unique selection of high quality ad campaigns is matched with exclusive payout rates that are unmatched within the affiliate marketing space. As a result, the Health & Beauty vertical has flourished and is generating an extremely high ROI for affiliates.

Here are but a few high quality examples

Zeta Clear $38.00 CPA


Garcinia Cambogia $42.75 CPA


Green Bean Coffee Max $42.75 CPA


How Can You Get Started?

For any affiliate looking to gain access to our Health & Beauty inventory, which includes over 250 offers from over 50 different countries, you need to apply to the CPAlead Affiliate Marketing platform which can be found here. In order to be approved, please be sure to include all of the requested information and please do detail your promotional methods. Once accepted to our platform, you will immediately have access to our entire selection of Health & Beauty offers as well as over 7,000 more CPA offers which yield the highest payouts available online.

For those affiliates who are already part of CPAlead’s affiliate marketing platform, simply log into your dashboard and use our filter system when searching for offers. Select Health & Beauty and our system will display the available offers along with landing page previews, promotional info and payout information.

Here’s to a happy and “healthy” 2015!

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