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File Locking & Link Locking

Our New File Locking & Link Locking tools are going to blow the competition away.

Our File locking and Link Locking tools are 100% Fully Customizable DL Pages with tons of HIGH converting themes. A built in Virus Scanner notice is already in place to provide users with greater confidence.

Exclusive Offers and payouts that NO other network CAN match

Sorry to all the others out there, we’ve been around a long time and locking in exclusive agreements with advertisers from years ago gives CPAlead publishers a huge advantage. Plus we just boosted ALL affiliate earnings by a bonus 6%+.

Tons of features:

Cover Images for your locked content, A Built In Virus Scanner notice, Custom CSS Designs, Templates and more so your conversions will soar. We also have a marketplace of support ready to get you VIRAL overnight.

No worrying about losing leads or slow loading times which you might find elsewhere. The Link Locker & File Locker are built using the latest cutting edge technology: CSS3, HTML5, jQuery so your users will have an a smooth transition into

File Locking Link Locking

File Locking Link Locking


What kind of traffic do we allow?

We’re very flexible and are able to monetize all traffic with these tools -excluding illegal fraud leads and adult (or related) content-  Give it a shot, we’ll CRUSH any other results you might have seen! Our File Locking and Link Locking toolscan’t be beat

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