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Earn From Your Mobile App!

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Want to make money from your iOS or Android mobile app?

There are over 1.6 million apps available for Android and over 1.5 million apps on iOS. Each year, install billions of apps and that number is growing. The average person installs more than 27 apps per year. Get the picture? Apps are popular and usage is on the rise.

What does that mean for app developers and owners? It means that there is a tremendous amount of opportunity to generate revenue within the mobile app space. Fortunately, CPAlead has been focusing on the mobile side of internet marketing for the past few years and have come up with some fantastic solutions for monetizing mobile apps.

What kind of solutions does CPAlead provide for mobile apps?

There’s two basic requirements that you are going to need if you want to make money from with a mobile app. The first is monetization tools. At CPAlead, mobile app owners and developers have access to all of the best monetization tools available with mobile banner ads and interstitial ads leading the way. Perhaps even more importantly, CPAlead has the best mobile app ads and CPI inventory around. You can have all of the greatest tools in the world but if the right mobile ads and CPI offers aren’t available, you’re not going to make money. At CPAlead, you have access to unique and exclusive mobile app ads. In fact, CPAlead has over 1,600 mobile CPI offers for Android and over 1,500 different mobile ads for iOS. That puts CPAlead in a category of their own when it comes to mobile monetization platforms. Better still? CPAlead is able to offer exclusive payouts that are, on average, 40% higher than what you might find anywhere else. That’s because we work directly with gaming, utility and mobile app agencies and we’ve been building relationships for years. App developers and owners love CPAlead’s quality and reward us by providing top tier payouts.

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CPAlead is a private lead generation network specializing in CPA offers, PPC advertising, and CPI mobile app installs. Since 2007, CPAlead.com has paid out over $100,000,000 to publishers from all over the world. With advanced custom tracking and evolved traffic quality measures, we're able to provide unrivaled lead generation offers, PPC advertising traffic, and CPI mobile app installs to advertisers and publishers alike.