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CPAlead is proud to introduce Payoneer cards for even faster payment!

CPAlead Now Provides Payoneer

Can you guess what we like more than paying you the best rates in the business?  It’s paying you the best rates in the business even faster. That’s why we did an exhaustive search to find the best debit card partner in the business.

This is why we are proud to announce the CPAlead Debit Card from Payoneer.  It’s a Prepaid MasterCard® where your earnings are deposited automatically onto a debit card and PRESTO, you’re paid.  It’s like we’re putting the cash directly into your pocket.  NOTE: We will not be touching your pants in any way, shape or form.

Did I mention it’s free?  No? Well I  must be as excited as you are.  We pay all of your setup fees.   You would normally be charged just for getting the card but we said, “No! Not our publishers.  They’re here to make money, not spend it on fees! Even if we have to cover it ourselves, we will.”  So we are.

Publishers in the US as well as International publishers can sign up for this card.

If you are a publisher outside of the US, this will make your head spin.  No more will you get any hassles from your bank about cashing US checks.  If you are a fan of Very Early Payments (VEPs), you won’t have to ambush the mailman looking for your check as the CPAlead Debit card will be the new method for getting VEPs.

Some of the many benefits include:

– The CPAlead Debit Card Can be used everywhere MasterCard® is accepted – online and at any point of sale.

– Withdraw cash from any ATM – in your local currency.

– Your funds are secure. As long as the PIN stays uncompromised, your funds are MasterCard protected even if your card is lost or stolen. A replacement card will be mailed to you and the balance transferred.

– No bank account needed.

– Online access to your account, payments, balance and transaction history 24/7.

What are you waiting for? Grab this card today. Click on that Account Tab in the dashboard and you’ll see a shiny new button that reads: “Signup for a CPAlead Debit Card”. Click that sucker and smile.

If you have any questions, contact your affiliate manager.

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