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CPAlead May 2017 Update

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Whew, May has been a busy month for the CPAlead Team! We are going through all of our tools to make sure they are better than they have ever been, fixing all errors and bugs we find along the way.

Here are some of the changes we made for May 2017:

Offerwall Redesign

We’re sorry to say that our Offerwall needed A LOT of work. We discovered that it hasn’t been working correctly for the last 3 years. Not only were the mobile devices showing the wrong offers, Desktop devices were shown Mobile offers! No wonder why it didn’t convert well. Needless to say, our team fixed all of these issues and added some new features as well. Our new policy is that EVERY week our team will now review all of our tools and support tickets pertaining to them. If you find a bug in any of our tools, let us know, we WILL fix it ASAP.

We heard you loud and clear, you wanted more control over the Offerwall so it matches your website or mobile app design perfectly, and this is exactly what we did! You can now create an offerwall from scratch using HTML and CSS or start off with one of our Offerwall templates and make the modifications you want. Here is one of the three new responsive offerwall templates we offer:

Offerwall example on iPad, Mobile, and Desktop device.

Offerwall example on iPad, Mobile, and Desktop device.

WordPress Ad Plugin

CPAlead WordPress ad plugin providing pop unders, banners, and more.

CPAlead WordPress ad plugin providing pop unders, banners, and more.

Our WordPress Ad Plugin now contains a lot more than a redesigned Content Locker, it also contains ad tools such as Pop Unders, Interstitials, CustomAds, PushUp Ads, and Banners. 90% of the ads displayed on these tools Pay Per Click, that means every time someone clicks on an ad, you earn money! If you don’t have a WordPress site, don’t worry, these tools also work on any HTML website.

CPI & CPA Self Serve Advertising

That’s right! You can now add your own CPA and CPI offers to CPAlead using our self-serve advertising system!

What’s the catch? You have to setup your own offer and make sure the postback works correctly. This means you can add offers to CPAlead from your favorite CPI or CPA network, or advertise your own in-house offer or mobile app. The amount of traffic your offer will receive is based on how well it performs per click it receives. For instance, if your CPA offer pays out $1.50 and it has a conversion about every 15 clicks, then your offer’s rating is .10, or 10 cents per click. This means your offer will receive more traffic than offers than earn less than 10 cents per click. We will also judge your account based on how many quality offers you provide us. If you have a history of providing us offers that don’t convert, then you may lose the ability to advertise CPA/CPI offers with us.

CPC Advertising Updates

If you want traffic fast and you don’t want to worry about setting up a postback, then CPC is the way to go. If you advertise your CPI or CPA offer using our self-serve CPC system, then you will pay per click but also we will put your ad above all other offers in our system. You will also have the ability to blacklist or ban any traffic source you don’t want, and if you’d like to use a 3rd party tracking platform to monitor your ad’s performance, we now pass back the {cost} and {traffic_id} macro parameter. Most advertisers that use this system report that they are profitable after they blacklist the traffic sources that are under performing, which is why we added this feature!

Stay tuned for more updates in June as we look to improve our API and publisher dashboard.

Thanks for reading!

The CPAlead Team.

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