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Content Locking Earning Tips

content locking tips are for everyone. Whether you think you know it all or are a beginner looking for a few tips on how to improve your earnings, there’s always something that you’re missing out on in this ever evolving industry of ours.

Content Locking Tips

To help you with your content locking earnings, we’ve put together a list of 5 key tips that are often over looked by affiliates

Get Mobile


If you’re not yet focusing on your mobile efforts, you should be. There are some 29 billion apps downloaded each year and tens of millions are generated on a CPI basis. CPAlead has a myriad of tools for optimizing your mobile efforts. From customization features to CPI offer optimization, mobile really shouldn’t be neglected. In fact, most affiliates have more mobile traffic than they realize. By default, CPAlead provides an optimized mobile solution for your visitors but there’s nothing like giving a portion of your business some attention. Get mobile today!


The days of trying to make a single type of offer work are all but over. Years ago it was PIN submits, then it was downloads, then surveys, then apps etc. The reality is that not all of your traffic is going to behave the same. Having a diverse offering available increases your chances of generating revenue. Give yourself a better chance at generating a lead by giving your visitors more options

Experiment With Offers


The reality is that everyone runs out of good ideas. Coming up with a successful niche is half of the battle when it comes to making money. But did you know that CPAlead has a list of ready-to-promote niches? All you need to do is click on one and start promoting it. Better yet, we rank our niches based on how well they’ve done so that all of the guess work is taken out. Afraid these niches will become over saturated? Not a chance, if a niche is over saturated, its ranking will drop since the earnings will fall. It’s almost too easy to make money using a CPAlead niche.


Hit a wall? Try a different tool! By using a different Content Locking tool, you’re engaging your visitors in a different way and sometimes that’s all you need. Different tools work with different promotional methods so changing up your tools will also force you to think of a different approach. There’s nothing more frustrating then hitting a wall but with all of the Content Locking tools that CPAlead makes available, you should be able to generate more money in no time.

Be Patient


This one of more for the beginners out there but it’s a good reminder for experienced affiliates. You need to wait for a good amount of clicks before judging how an offer is performing for you. The general rule for high quality traffic is that you allow for at least 25 clicks when initially testing. That’s not to say you should expect $1.00 for every 25 clicks, but its a general rule most affiliates use when testing things out. If your traffic isn’t as targeted, then allow for more clicks – it certainly can vary by a great amount. The basic message here is to have some patience during your initial testing. Particularly with higher paying offers as they often require more per conversion

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