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Beat Our EPC’s With Your OWN Offers!

We’re very excited to announce that we just released a new PPC traffic advertising system that allows affiliate marketers, mobile app owners, and media buyers to advertise any offer, regardless of which network it comes from or what format it is (CPA, CPS, CPL, or CPI) on CPAlead! Our minimum deposit is only $50 and we can have your campaign up and running in as little as one hour.

How To Get Better EPC’s With Offers From Other Networks

We do our best to provide the highest EPC offers there are but we know that there are thousands of great offers out there and no matter how hard we try, we can’t get all of them. But you can! If you know of a hot offer on any other network, you can run it through the CPAlead PPC traffic and advertising system and pay per click to make money. Our cost per click is very low, so all you have to do is find an offer where the EPC (earnings per click) is higher than what we are charging as a cost per click and you’ll make money off of it!


So let’s say you know there is a hot offer on another network that has an EPC of $0.30 in the USA and see that CPAlead is charging $0.15 per click in the USA. If you run that offer on our ad platform paying $0.15 per click and continuing to make $0.30 per click from the network where you got it from, you’ll have a 100% return on your investment and will make $0.15 per click for doing nothing! This is how traffic buying or “media buying” works! Just find great offers with earnings per click (EPC’s) that are higher than our cost per click then run them with CPAlead to start making money. You can monitor your performance from within our advertising dashboard and you’re free to run as many campaigns as you would like from whichever networks you like.

What are you waiting for? It takes $50 to get started and with the right offer, there’s little to no work needed on your end!

See our full tutorial on how to create a campaign in our self serve PPC ad platform.

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