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Announcement: CPAlead is giving away iPhones, iPads, and more!

CPAlead Has iGear For You

STARTING TODAY, just in time for the holidays, CPAlead will be giving away iPhone 5’s, iPad 3’s, and Samsung Galaxy Tablets!

Simply generate $5000 in revenue between now and late November 2012 (Thanksgiving weekend, the 24th) and you can choose between an iPhone 5, an iPad 3, or a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. We wanted to get a jump on things with the Holiday season quickly approaching and launch a great promotion as a thanks to our valued publishers!

New to CPAlead? Simply sign up, give us a name, an address, and info on where to send your prize & payment once you’ve met the criteria. That’s it and that’s all!

(We support all available methods of payment)

Best of luck to all,

The CPAlead Team

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Peter Tarr

Peter Tarr is an Affiliate Marketing expert with a wealth of relevant business history and educational experienced. Having worked with several performance marketing firms, Peter joined CPAlead at the beginning of 2011 and would eventually go on to become a lead partner in the business. Peter shoots straight and has a writing style that lays the facts out for any interested readers. Never one to shy away from calling a spade a spade, Peter focuses on ensuring that anything he writes delivers value to someone in the audience. With a focus on technological innovation, strategic investments and partnerships, I aim to facilitate an environment that will foster the growth of our various business units while delivering strong value to our company's overall business portfolio.