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CPAlead Introduces Weekly Payments As New Standard

Get Paid Every Week With CPAlead

We are pleased to announce that, effective immediately, weekly payments are the new standard*. We want to provide all of our valued publishers with additional fiscal security and adopting weekly payments as our new standard was clearly an appropriate measure. We want all of our publishers to know that we’re constantly looking for ways to improve their user experience and add additional measures to ensure that they are confident and secure. Becoming the first company in our space to standardize weekly payments is just one other way for us to thank you for your business and invite everyone else to try us out.

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Peter Tarr

Peter Tarr is an Affiliate Marketing expert with a wealth of relevant business history and educational experienced. Having worked with several performance marketing firms, Peter joined CPAlead at the beginning of 2011 and would eventually go on to become a lead partner in the business. Peter shoots straight and has a writing style that lays the facts out for any interested readers. Never one to shy away from calling a spade a spade, Peter focuses on ensuring that anything he writes delivers value to someone in the audience. With a focus on technological innovation, strategic investments and partnerships, I aim to facilitate an environment that will foster the growth of our various business units while delivering strong value to our company's overall business portfolio.