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CPAlead boosts earnings up to 15% with release of New Mobile Platform

Mobile Content Locking Arrives

Mobile Content Locker OfferMobile Content LockerWe’re pleased to announce that we have completed a new mobile version of the Content Locker and a new mobile version of our dashboard which are available to publishers immediately – login through www.cpalead.com/mobile. (Also, see our note on Monetizing new and different content across various platforms)

In creating a mobile version of our platform, we’ve ensure that the CPAlead Mobile Content Locker is fully optimized for all mobile browsers which account for approximately 19% of all clicks for affiliate traffic.

We believe that this will translate into a significant revenue adjustment, up to 15% , for the majority of publishers given the current amount of mobile traffic that flows through the network and the increase in conversions we’ve seen thus far as a result of our mobile addition.

Future Ready Mobile Lockers

In releasing a mobile version, we here at CPAlead also believe that we are preparing publishers for the future as mobile traffic has been growing at a staggering rate. In fact, mobile traffic has doubled each year since 2009 according to online statistics.

With the recent expansion of our services, we are excited to note that CPAlead is the first and only business in the Content Locking space with the ability to monetize any and all digital content with you across multiple platforms, social niches and web properties (adult, crude and offensive material are prohibited. See our terms of service for further details and guideline or speak with an account manager).

We invite all of our current publishers and everyone in the performance marketing community to give us a try. Our Affiliate Managers are on hand and ready to help with set, optimization and more.

Together, we’ll ensure that you get more out of your content than ever before.


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