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Monthly Archives: August 2017

CPC campaigns allow advertisers to drive traffic immediately to mobile CPI offers and CPA offers without having to wait for traffic. Publishers tend to prefer CPC campaigns on their monetization tools because they are guaranteed to be paid for the performance of their traffic on a per click basis. As a result, CPC campaigns in

August 27, 2017

CPI offers created on the CPAlead self serve CPI platform allow mobile app developers, mobile app agencies, media buyers, and affiliate marketers to only pay when someone installs their app. About 10% of CPAlead advertisers are mobile app developers and mobile app marketing agencies. Through the integration of the AppsFlyer SDK or the CPAlead SDK,

August 2, 2017

Creating a campaign on the CPAlead self serve CPA advertising system allows you to only pay for the result you want. More than 90% of the CPA offers added to CPAlead are from other networks and advertisers. This means that a majority of our advertisers, like you, look for offers that are performing well on

August 1, 2017